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Shane + Sapphire

Kina Bay, Tasman

Choice As Weddings 2020.png



Cinematographers: Josh Hutchinson & Joshua Kirk

Editor/Sound Design/Colourist: Josh Hutchinson

Couple Review:

"Engaging Josh to do the videography for our wedding was hands down the best decision we made in capturing our day.

We spent considerable time researching various providers and ultimately chose Josh because of his specialist experience in weddings. We had a clear vision of the ‘style’ and ‘feel’ that we wanted our video to capture, Josh talked through the logistics of achieving this (to the uninitiated); we took his professional advice to have a second videographer present alongside other key recommendations.

We knew that Josh would deliver; however, we can honestly say that our video far surpassed our expectations, his style of cinematography in capturing the moments that made up our day brought tears to our eyes… (just as it will to future grooms and brides that engage him).

Aside from the product itself, one of the key things that set Josh apart is the manner in which he operates, his professional demeanor and ability to capture moments in a way that is unobtrusive and respectful to both us and our guests was impressive; as too was his unique ability to put you at ease in the presence of a camera.

If you do nothing else, engage Josh, we were so in love with the work he did we would have paid double!

Shane & Sapphire Laurence"

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